Monday, 25 November 2013


OMG it's nearly December....I've been managing Term 4 (our final term in the Southern Hemisphere) and writing final reports. 30x6 subjects plus a general comment = 180 + 30 = 210 paragraph sized wonder they take a long time. I'm sticking to my "no work on weekends" rule, and it definitely leaves me more refreshed for the coming week. I did reports in the holidays a little, then after school at home with a pot of tea.

I celebrated a 'zero' birthday with a weekend in the city. We rented a whole historic terrace house at The Rocks, had drinks before dinner there before dinner on the harbour...just lovely. It was fun staying in the heart of the city and taking my morning walk past the Harbour Bridge.  October has been full of cafe breakfasts and gatherings with friends, hard work and rewarding results.
 In the words of Iris Murdoch: One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats...I couldn't agree more.

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