Friday, 27 December 2013


December---month of hectic school reports, presentations, orientations, fun days, farewells, staff parties; of hectic shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating, entertaining, family catch-ups. And all worth it. Celebrations are important and families and friends coming together is important. You just need techniques to manage the load, like on-line shopping and gifts that think 'outside the box'.

My favourite gift? Custom made vouchers from Eliza & Craig for a baked dinner, a BBQ dinner and one of my choice (that will be that salmon steak with asparagus, Craig...)

Our family Xmas was once again handled by the nieces and my daughter, with spreadsheet and jobs handed out between them. The mothers get easy things like dips whilst they arrange glazed ham and a side of salmon- what great kids we've brought up!


martie said...

I LOVE how you are handling your blog now! I have found it a huge struggle to continue and may steal your idea of one a month.

Your holidays sound fantastic! And you did indeed bring up great kids.

Wishing you all the best in 2014.

Mrs Clark said...

Hi Mumma
You need to start using your vouchers! Can't wait for the salmon.

Also, you have all brought up awesome kids and should be very proud!