Saturday, 20 July 2013


I have had a rest from blogging, but I love reading other people's blogs - so I was starting to feel like a stalker.
June was busy at work, busy socially, which is no excuse, but the Semester 1 reporting period was squished into a nine week term (usually 10 or 11) which took over my life for a while. Added to that was a Year 6 bus trip to Canberra which we did IN ONE DAY (!). On the buses at 6am, back home at 9.30pm. The students were all excited, interested and beautifully behaved, which made us proud and reminded us why we had risen at 5am on a cold, dark morning. By coincidence, we were there the day after the Gillard/Rudd challenge, which certainly added to the excitement, with film crews outside Parliament House and people scurrying around inside.
July holidays were a 'well-earned' break, with lunches with sisters & friends, movies, time for home maintenance and the energy to go to Trivia with my Montessori friends. Who knew that the phrase "Red Carpet Treatment" came from Grand Central Station putting red carpet in their first class carriages in the 1920's? Not me.
This first week back at school has been fun, as I instituted the new routines and ideas that a break can give you. Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm off to the National Gifted & Talented Conference, also Monday & Tuesday. It will be intense but inspiring, and I'll be able to share my new knowledge with the rest of the staff after.
Now, off to Newtown for lunch and a movie.......

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martie said...

You have been a busy lady! And now it is nearly August! I too have been lazy about posting and feeling a bit guilty. It's great to see you back in blog-land. Have a wonderful week!