Sunday, 2 June 2013

Adelaide, old friends and wine...

Glenelg Cafes
Adelaide Mall
Jacob's Creek Winery
What could be better? I've been away from blogging, I think due to my new I-Pad; I only seem to use the PC for work then don't have 'time' to blog. I know that 'time' and 'motivation' are interchangeable. I returned from Hawaii in time to go to school camp for three days (which was like Hawaii without the Mai-Tais), then had a blissful fortnight off school, then to Adelaide for four days.....

The crew who worked in the Bank of NSW in the '70s in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, were a close and friendly group. Several marriages occurred, and we all keep in touch as much as possible. In the last decade, a group have arranged long weekend reunions every two years in various cities, as we came from all over Australia and New Zealand. I joined in with the 2011 Sydney reunion and had such a good time that going to the Adelaide one was a priority, even though I had to take another two days long service leave.

We arrived at the trendy beachside suburb of Glenelg on a Thursday evening, and from then on it was all go: Barossa Valley wineries on Friday, tram to the city for art galleries and markets, races, dinner on Saturday; Hahndorf craft shops and Hans Heyson's (famous artist) house on Sunday, pizza night at the surf club then home on Monday. The good news is that the Western Australians have taken the baton and 2015 will be in the Margaret River wine region (detecting a theme here....)

Adelaide is cool!


patti said...

How good is it that you are still getting together after all these years!

Helen said...

Sounds like a great reunion.
I have found the Blogger app for iPad to be very good. You do need to get your photos onto the iPad first but it is a good app. :)

martie said...

Oh what fun you must have had! It is great that you all have remained in touch all this time. Judging from blogs I follow you aren't the only one who has been absent for awhile! Missed you - keep on having fun!