Thursday, 18 April 2013

Aloha Spirit

It's true - Hawaii leaves you with a very relaxed spirit, and a sense of what is really important. Family and friends - check. Rewarding work - check. Balance of work and play - check. I was very lucky to have the Hawaiian sojourn close to end of term, in fact, I was back for five days then went to camp with 60 Year 6's for three days, then it was end-of-term, two weeks R&R. The camp was very rewarding this year, and the stunning surroundings of Broken Bay in beautiful Autumn weather certainly helped to make it enjoyable for teachers and students.

The best part of Hawaii? Hard to choose between the pristine water at Waikiki beach, the scenery, the sunsets, the Mai-tais, Duke's breakfast, terrific restaurants and shopping, walks around Diamond Head, great coffee, historic buildings, fresh pineapple stands - but the drives we took to the North shore beaches and the steamed shrimp at the food vans were very hard to beat.


John Wilson said...

Nice post!
Such a beautiful pictures:)

martie said...

Welcome home! Sounds like the trip was lovely and you've returned to a whirlwind of activity! Have a wonderful weekend.

patti said...

I love your Hawaii stories! here is a link I thought you might like! All about serendipity!