Tuesday, 19 March 2013

It works..

Working smarter, not harder, actually works. Having weekends "off" also makes for a more creative, energetic worker Mon - Fri. Something I should have worked out a long time ago, but teaching is a job with no end: what you HAVE to do, what you'd LIKE to do, what you SHOULD and COULD do, plus keeping all the stakeholders happy and meeting their expectations. So with a stop at one of the local cafes on the way to work to scan the news on I=Pad, I arrive full of beans (literally) around 8am and don't stop till after 4pm. Only 8 hours, I know, but try doing your workday surrounded by 30 children who all need YOU and it is exhausting. Lunch times are for duties and marking and preparing the next session. I'm not complaining though - there are so many WOW moments.

Hawaii in 7 sleeps should stop any complaining!


patti said...

Teachers give so much! Good that you can grab a re-charge when you can! Have a ball in Hawaii Cate xx

martie said...

Teachers, good ones like you, have such an influence on the minds of the world's future. I admire you so much!

You should be enjoying Hawaii now! Have fun!!