Sunday, 10 March 2013

March on...

March - beautiful autumn weather today, a picnic lunch planned by the river. Well, when I say 'picnic' I actually mean fish 'n chips, but I do take the picnic basket for effect.

Unusually, there is a holiday approaching during term time, seven days in Hawaii with my family all flying in on different airlines, me from Sydney and the rest from New York. Hawaii wasn't high on my wishlist of places to go (Morocco, Paris again, Florence, Croatia, Spain, South America, Cuba, Galapagos....) but the opportunity arose and I'm looking forward to the whole experience. When the kids asked me to go, it was the end of last winter and I was recovering from a nasty flu, so it was no contest. Sit under a palm tree opposite the beach with a Mohito? OK!

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martie said...

You'll have great fun in Hawaii!! Enjoy the trip and being with your family. So many new adventures await!