Saturday, 2 March 2013

Long Live the Blog

My friend's 15 year old son told her 'nobody blogs' - which worried her because she is doing the Librarian Masters degree and she needs to create a blog in her first assignment. So I reassured her that lots of people blog - blogging just has a different role since the avalanche of Facebook, Twitter et al. Personally, although Facebook is great for the quick comment and picture, I love reading blogs for their more thoughtful, considered approach. I guess that is why they have evolved as subject-specific blogs (style, food, technology etc) and why less people are blogging just to keep up with family news and showcase pictures (hello, Instagram). Hopefully, Facebook will slow in its importance in a lot of 20 something's lives - they have a special 'Facebook smile' for their pictures, they dress for being tagged in pictures rather than just the occasion, and heaven forbid if an unflattering picture gets out there. So much pressure!! I have a class blog, each student has a blog to present their homework on, and the librarian is starting a library blog to house book reviews, interviews with teachers about their favourite book and artwork by the students. Get with the program, 15 year old!

Eliza and I went to Forster (lower north coast of NSW) in pouring, no, cyclonic rain last weekend, and we had a ball. We walked to dinner under umbrellas during a lull in the weather; as we called for the bill the weather came back with a vengeance, so we did the only thing possible under the conditions: called for the cocktail menu. We eventually made it back to the hotel in one piece. The next day was grey but dry, so we were able to enjoy a platter Eliza had somehow won outside for lunch. Forster is home to some delightful shops and cafes so we gave them some patronage too. Sadly, further north people were flooded again - climate change is giving our coast a battering.


Paull Young said...

Foster looked and sounded amazing!!!

martie said...

What fun you are having! And I agree with you about blogging. FB is great for a quick "here I am" type of thing, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of original thought (writing) going on. Who knew I'd end up an old blogging buddy duddy?!