Sunday, 18 August 2013


In just six months time, this outdoor chapel will be transformed with flowers and people for Eliza's wedding. The reception is a short walk from here, with lovely views across the lake also. When I say six months, I mean six months from 14/08, which brings us to - Valentine's Day! What a great date for a wedding, 14/02/14. With people flying in from the US, and the Sydney mob making the four hour trip to stay for the whole weekend, it will be a lovely summer break, celebration and par-tay!

Eliza is supremely organised, so no 'Bridezilla' moments are expected; with two cousins as attendants, it will be fun getting ready. Eliza is the first in our family to be getting married, whilst her future husband is the third of three boys to walk down the aisle. So I'm 'Mother-of-the-bride' - eeeeeek!

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