Sunday, 6 January 2013

Home for the Holidays

This time last year I was living it up in NYC, Boston and Washington DC, but I'm actually enjoying just being home this year. I'm doing a lot of "this time last year I was.......", however. We've booked a week in Hawaii in March/April where I will meet up with Paull from NYC and Eliza & Craig in transit from a holiday there, so I have plenty to look forward to on the travel front. It is good to enjoy the simple pleasures of summer at home in Sydney, and we've been taking advantage of the extra energy available when you are not pouring it into working. My house becomes more organised every day, catching up with friends is a regular occurrence, a movie on a week night seems a great idea (Skyfall last week, Les Miserables next week), there is time for the crossword every day, I've finished two novels and have started the next one (Sweet Tooth, Ian MacEwan) and to balance out the couch time, I've joined Curves, a 'ladies only' gym where I do a weights/aerobic circuit three times a week. It takes around 30 minutes, so it is easy to go first thing in the morning.........then to the Portugese coffee shop conveniently situated right below the gym. No Portugese tarts though, just a skim latte..

Last night we went to the Opera House forecourt for drinks/dinner and to enjoy the view and cooler air, and there was a jazz band playing - a million dollar experience for free, the harbour lights were beautiful. My I-Phone 3 (I know, I need to update) tried to take a picture but failed, so I've borrowed one from Google Images. Maybe I should just invest in an I-Pad, they seem to take amazing photos.
Happy New Year!

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Annie said...

I think the Portuguese tarts were still in their coffee tho'