Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Home and Away

The pessimist says "only 12 days left of my holidays". The optimist says "I've got 12 and a half days holidays coming up, Yay!" I'm making the most of every day, meeting good friends for lunch today at Greenacre's Al Aseel restaurant for some delicious, authentic Lebanese food; catching more movies (Hitchcock first) and catching up with more friends - then on Monday to Wednesday going to visit Helen & Alan in beautiful Noosaville, Queensland. It will be lovely to see them and their new (ish) home, and to bicycle into Noosa to check out the cafes and the beach. I'm determined to take the relaxed vibe with me into Term 1, so that means some preparation at home later next week, and a determination to work smarter, not harder. One tip I read was to SMILE - at the people you pass, at your desk, at your computer - apparently it puts you in a positive mind set all day...we'll see....:)


martie said...

For taking it easy you seem remarkably busy! But isn't it wonderful to be busy on a more leisurely pace! Taking time to enjoy life is so important! I try that smile thing sometimes. When I do it in public I am still amazed at how many strangers will strike up a conversation with me.

Enjoy your days!!

Paull Young said...

Sounds like you'll enter term 1 with 'an empty cup'