Friday, 21 December 2012

Making Memories, Making Traditions

I'm so proud of my daughter, my sister Anne's daughters and my sister Pat's daughter. They decided that their mothers have been neglecting a big part of Christmas - getting together. Over the years, we have all slipped in to doing our own thing, or always doing it with in-laws, or going overseas (me) - and the cousins have had enough! They want to start a tradition that will continue as they partner, mature, have their own children, and move into the future. So they've taken on Christmas themselves. It will be at Anne's house, but she does not have to do anything (just as well, she's been doing nursing prac. and exams up till today) - they've done a spreadsheet (Eliza) and we've all got tasks and things to bring; they've organised Santa aprons to wear while they prepare, they are going to get the prawns, they've got a playlist on the I-pod, bon-bons, colour coordinated tableware; they've organised a Kris Kringle ($20 limit).

My sisters and I have been told!

I'm on pate and Mohitos - I think I can organise that....

Happy Holidays to you all,

Cate XX

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martie said...

Sounds like heaven to have things taken over and planned for you! I love that the cousins are working to strengthen their bond - what happiness that will bring! I wish you and your families all the best in 2013! (I watched the Sydney fireworks display - wow! It was amazing!)