Sunday, 6 May 2012

Books by any media..

There is nothing I like more than browsing in a book store, and the most interesting suburbs have the best ones. However, I'm seeing lots of book shops closing, and I'm guilty of owning a Kindle (which I love). So, I strive for balance: I try to buy an actual book from an actual bookstore for each one (or 2) I download on Kindle. To me, they are two different things - the books I download I probably would not have found or got around to buying in a store; now I can read a review, turn on the WiFi and buy it before I forget. Other times, I'll browse, flip through pages, and buy a book I knew nothing about before then. My books tend to stay home waiting for me to have time to read; my Kindle travels everywhere with me (in its smart cover that I bought at the MOMA gift shop) ready to read while waiting in a queue, sitting on a train or having a quick restorative coffee after work. Are you still buying books from a store?? Hopefully, there will always be some bookshops around.


patti said...

I am guilty of buying online more often, though I do love a bookstore for an extended browse. There's nothing like the feel and smell of a good book in your hands! A great reminder to support the local bookstore!

martie said...

I too struggle with the printed vs down-load books! I love the look, feel, smell and just everything about a book. BUT I moved so often, and the paper it takes to print all those books I really try to do the electronic ones. However, I've discovered that reference books and cookbooks just don't work for me electronically! So I'll buy my fun reading in electronic form and the others in hard copy!

Enjoyed your zen living post as well!