Thursday, 19 April 2012

Something nice every day..

As I farewelled my son today (back to NYC) I reflected on the (nearly) two week holiday I've had. It occurred to me that I have done something nice EVERY day - have I finally mastered the zen art of "living in the now"?
I have:

  • done lunch & movie at Leichhardt (Salmon fishing in the Yemen)
  • collected son from airport, had brunch outdoors in the sun, rested up, caught up, gone for looooong walk along the river, finished with Spag bol & red wine
  • had 21 people over for lunch
  • visited the new Museum of Contemporary Art wing and experienced "The Clock"
  • visited the Royal Easter Show with Paull, which included a visit to the Press box and finished up in the members stand
  • done movie and coffee at Randwick Ritz (Margin Call)
  • wandered around Birkenhead Point and spent saved money on bargain designer cardigans & cookware
  • picnicked in the park
  • attended a wedding in Canberra
  • spent 4 hours wandering around the National Art Gallery in Canberra
  • had a "big breakfast" with Paull & friends
  • snuggled up at home with TV, percolated coffee and laptop on a rainy, stormy day
  • had Lebanese lunch and Vietnamese dinner with family & friends (yes, all in one day)
  • had lunch with a friend from Montessori pre-school days to begin preparations for a booklet to celebrate 25 years since the pre-school began
  • and tomorrow: The Archibald Prize exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW
and yes, I have done lots of preparation for Term 2, honestly!

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Annie said...

sounds good, who got married?