Thursday, 12 April 2012

Good Times

Easter is so nice in Sydney (unless it is raining) and this Easter was perfect Autumn weather. Having Paull home for a flying visit inspired me to host a family get-together - and we all made it but for 2 cousins and one Aunt and Uncle, who were mentioned often so were there in spirit.  A veritable feast was provided by everyone for everyone, cousins caught up, conversation flowed, wine flowed, and the desert table was magnificent (not one bit of that provided by me, but much consumed!). Family = we need to do this every Easter.


patti said...

Thanks again Cate, it was a fantastic weekend and the spontaneous visit to the Museum of Contemp. Art was a bonus!

Definitely worth doing the family thing every Easter!!

martie said...

The PERFECT Easter! I just love having my family all together - and it happens all to rare. Glad yours was so wonderful!