Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Reports and Reflection..

Where have I been? I've been trying to have a life around all the work required at this time of the year. Meanwhile, I am so impressed with my sister Patti at Bliss Fruit; she has seized the day, put herself out there, lived for the moment and all the other cliches, and taken a stall at a local market. She paints colourful and whimsical canvases which definitely require a bigger audience than just her family. And she is selling her work!

Meanwhile, I'm writing reports and reflecting on four months of teaching this wonderful class. We've achieved mutual respect and trust, and I think we all enjoy every day. One of the boys told me today that they were all very impressed on day 2 of the year, when one 'character' threw a paper plane across the room and I looked up and said " what terrific aeronautical skills" and went back to what we were doing. (There have been no more planes - I guess he didn't get the response he wanted!).


Annie said...

HaHa, LOL, I can just see it....paperplane whizzing past your head.
And yes, Pat deserves all the good vibes- her work is amazing.

patti said...

Thanks Cate!

Will need to get some teaching tips from you for my Artist in Residence stint at a local primary school. I get to choose from kindy up to Yr 6,so thought I'd go for the middle and pick Yr 4! What do you think?

martie said...

Sounds like a fantastic class you have, Cate! I can only imagine how wonderful the futures will be for all of your students having been exposed to such respect and happiness. There certainly isn't enough of that in the world!

Wish I could visit Patti's stall in person. You are both so talented in your own ways. What a great family you have!