Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Holiday to-do list

        1. Oil new deck           (done)
        2. Service car               (done)
        3. Check out trade-in value   (done)
        4. Go to dentist             (done)
        5. Picnic, a lot               (still doing)
        6. Movies, ditto             (ditto)
        7. Browse in Newtown  (done)
        8. Lunch with friends     (still doing)
        9. Be a couch potato       (every rainy day)
        10. Set up new classroom (nearly done)
So it's been flat out versus stop dead, with the weather dictating the day's activities. I've been up at six and in my new classroom by eight to get it all set up for the first day back. The block I am in was built in 1929, and has a lovely feel. High ceilings, casement windows and an old fireplace in the corner. I can feel the spirit of many past students and fortunately, it feels good so they must have had a good time at school! Looking forward to the Easter break with friends and family - and I hope you are too.


patti said...

The school sounds fantastic Cate!

Hope to see you at one of those picnics!

martie said...

What an amazing classroom and school you'll be at! I can't wait to see some photos! Lucky you, but even luckier are those students who will learn so much from you.