Sunday, 24 April 2011

Water Changes Everything

Water changes everything - as this video clearly emphasises. I'm probably as guilty of taking fresh, potable running water for granted as the next person, but since my son Paull began working with Charity Water, I think about it much more. Especially when I'm just hanging out for a hot shower after exercising with the dogs each morning, or running water to wash clothes or clean the house and yard. This would be an unimaginable luxury for so many people in other parts of the world. One in eight people on Earth don't have clean water - as one of the seven that do, I support Charity Water as much as I can.

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martie said...

Too true! I am amazed that in this day and age that water and food are in such short supply for so much of the global population. It hurts my soul. I too give often and try to remind myself just how blessed a life I have.