Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Where have I been?

"If you do not change direction,you will end up where you are going" Lao Tzu
The last two weeks of school, and for me, at that school, have flown past in a blur of assessing, marking, tidying, packing, farewelling, tying loose ends and generally burning the candle at both ends. My head has moved towards my next school and class, but my heart was still with my current class. I made sure that we had lots of fun times involving art, drama and a class party on the last day. We took a "muck-up" school photo with us sitting in the traditional way, but dressed up in drama props, which was a big hit. Now to stop, relax, unwind - and go through the piles of boxes stacked in my study which used to be in my storeroom. I really thought I had pared right down, but as Kinder to Year 6 teachers, we can be moved to a different grade at any time. So I need to be really organised and store it in grade categories. OK, and chuck some more out! This card was so thoughtful, I have framed it for my new desk - Thanks, Chris!

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martie said...

Love the saying on that card! And you certainly made the end of the year very memorable for your class - I'm sure they will have nothing but fond memories of you and your time with them.

And now time to rest and regroup and prepare for the changes ahed. Enjoy your break!!