Wednesday, 30 March 2011


The season is slowly changing as Autumn weather arrives. I'm changing my office around and have given away my desk to make room for a glass topped trestle table from Ikea. Eliza has changed her room around and added a desk and really cool shelving. We've added a deck to our front yard and changed how we eat dinner most nights. Now a big change for me has arrived as I have taken a transfer to a different school on a completely different age group. This is my eighth year at my current school, so I'm looking forward to the revitalisation that change brings. Somewhere, someone is taking a change to replace me, and bringing new ideas and skills with them. I'll certainly be sharing my skills with my new school, whether they need it or not :)


patti said...

Congrats Cate! Have a happy start at your new school.

martie said...

Way to go! I think it's great to embrace change and I am looking forward to hearing about your adventure.

Bet your glass desk will be wonderful. A few years ago I found a glass dining table, not large, but sufficient. It has chrome legs and below the table top is a glass shelf. I think it's supposed to hold table decorations, but I find it perfect to hold my modem, router, and external hard drives!