Saturday, 29 January 2011

Makeover time

I like my "office", especially since I recently moved the desk to under the window. It looks out to trees and a small park next to the river, so it is pleasant to stare out at when I need inspiration. It is in an almost square ex-bedroom, freshly painted Antique White, freshly cleaned cream carpet, new warm white blinds - so why doesn't it work? Why does it look like a used furniture shop? To answer my own question, by necessity it has a tall unit that holds syllabus documents, text books and programs. This is left over from previous incarnations in different houses and is pine turned ginger. The desk is left over from my kids' student days, and is cheap brown laminate. The side table is a lovely old piece that once lived in a church. So no, nothing matches. I'm thinking about sanding, priming and painting them all cream - will it work? Or donating the desk and unit to the Salvation army and getting wall shelves and a trestle desk from Ikea... or just doing nothing.....any ideas?


Helen said...

Yup I think its the desk. A trestle from Ikea would give you room to have more than the computer. Flowers or green plants??? And that cabinet would look better white. Or give it away and buy something industrial and funky from somewhere like `Doug Up On Bourke'. A mood board could be good too with photos and other stuff that inspires you. It is a nice room though :)

patti said...

A trestle table would be great there - I love mine and they're not expensive. Plants always liven things up.

Because I love colour, I would maybe paint the pine unit in a fresh clean colour that inspires you, to liven up the space.

Or, to keep classic, paint cream, take the doors off and put in some trendy wicker baskets that are easy to get into (assuming they fit.) If that's a lot of work, maybe I would just donate to Salvos and take a trip to Ikea. I love that place!

patti said...

Just had another look and noticed you already DO have baskets!

martie said...

I agree that the desk needs to go. And looking at the unit - well even if you paint it I think it'll still look "heavy". Yep - I think a trip to Ikea is what is needed. And if they have them, I love those "industrial" kitchen looking chrome shelves. I have one in my office, one in the dining room and one in my sewing room. They hold an amazing amount of stuff, you can put baskets and bins on them AND you can use S-hooks to hang things from them too. But that's just me.

It does look like a cozy room, and love the view. Is that a comfy red chair I see as well?

Whatever you do - have fun doing it!

Annie said...

Yep, chuck the desk, go to Ikea and get a trestle (Alec can install for you!). Pat's one is long and very useful. Paint everything whipped cream, or if limited time
A new desk chair? $49 in Ikea.
Sounds like you need me to come too......