Saturday, 5 February 2011

Thanks, guys!

Gotta love the blogosphere, I have inspiration and validation to start project "office" - and permission to go shopping at Ikea. I know it is more ethical to reuse, remake, recycle, but I will be passing furniture on to people who need it. With all the floods and now the cyclone, I guess the major charities will be needing stock. I also feel grateful that I still have a house to come home to.


patti said...

No guilt - the furniture will be appreciated so much by the Salvo's.

Also it is good to have new furniture to fill with your own energy, You will be inspired, and some! Looking forward to pics of the new room!

martie said...

OH my, yes. I've been following your weather there and I feel so bad for all the folk who have had to endure the wrath of Mother Nature! She has not been kind this year.

I'm excited to "see" the result of your office make-over. Have fun!