Sunday, 18 April 2010

Up In The Air..

...and down to earth. That flight is sooooooo long, but at least the volcano didn't affect us. The last weekend was a beautiful "yin" for the "yang" of NYC. We travelled to Kohler, Wisconsin, where Paull had a work commitment and I had to while away the days in the spa, doing yoga by the lake, and being spoiled. The village of Kohler was started to house the employees of the bathroom fittings enterprise; that Company continues today, making high-quality bathroom fixtures and fittings. The village also boasts a spa, excellent accommodation and restaurants, and PGA golf courses. The restaurants are top-class, as is the accommodation and spa - and people are very friendly in Wisconsin. Every time you say "thank you" , without fail, they reply "you're welcome" and that is how you feel.

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Annie said...

Very reminiscent of New England. I'm glad Margaret looked after you so well.