Thursday, 22 April 2010

Interactive Sculpture

This fantastic sculpture, known as "The Bean", but actually called "Cloud Gate" is everything a public sculpture should be, in my opinion. It invites and encourages interaction - it is impossible to just walk past and ignore it. The reflection of the city highlights the beautiful architecture of Chicago, and children of all ages, even the adult ones, can't resist it either. The first shot is from inside and underneath- I'm there somewhere with a camera! By British artist Anish Kapoor, you'll find it in Millennium Park, right next to the Art Institute.


~ Jan ~ said...

I love reminded me a little of Melbourne, with the river running through it and their outdoor public parks being full of people. Did you like Crown Fountain too? Amazing city!

patti said...

It's gorgeous! Looks as though it is filled with fluid and if you poked it, it would flex.