Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sensory Overload

The Brooklyn Museum of Art may be my favourite art museum ever....there are five floors, and I spent an hour on each floor, with my eye on the clock as it closed at five and I'd arrived at twelve. (3 subway changes, breakfast and sleep-in!)

Highlights: Rodin sculptures, ancient Egyptian artefacts and mummies, contemporary sculptures, early American art, African, Chinese and arts of Islam, whole rooms decorated in the period style, and this amazing "dinner party". An installation by Judy Chicago, it was originally displayed in 1979 at the height of feminism. There is a personalised and intricate placemat and plate to match each of the feminist icons she features- and so much more to it than that. Check out this article, from which I borrowed the photo - photos were not allowed, so I had to cheat..
I came back in total sensory overload, and had a beautiful quiet dinner with Paul at Matilda's. It is a tiny Mexican/Italian fusion place just around the corner. I was so taken with the chandeliers and plates, Paull was heard wondering if I had been eating special mushrooms in Brooklyn!


Annie said...

It is lovely to be in the Gallery Zone- floating along with a head full of images and ideas..............

Elle said...

Mumma - you spelt your son's name wrong. xo