Thursday, 25 June 2009

Slow Cooking

Sitting here on my Eeee-PC while a roast of lamb sizzles in the oven, I thought I would find a picture for Paull. Making him homesick is not a problem because he has just heard that he has a work-related trip coming up in July:) I guess he was chosen because he can speak Australian fluently. I understand that the B&B he will be staying in is very reasonably priced, too.

One good thing about winter is cooking stews and roasts (and baked vegetables and stuffed capsicums, Anne & Julia). Funnily enough, it is always easy to get everyone to stay home on roast lamb night!

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martie said...

Oh - I remember roast lamb, with veggies (especially pumpkin)! What a delight. Bet the house is full of wonderful smells. Enjoy!!