Monday, 11 May 2009

Oh what a night..

Well, day and night, actually. A group from school went to The Rocks ( a beautiful old part of Sydney near the harbour) to celebrate the upcoming marriage of one of our number. We started at 1pm at the Lowenbrau Cellar for a hearty lunch, some beer steins, pretzels and schnapps. We then visited a few of the historic pubs in the area, listening to jazz at the Hero of Waterloo (where the band are octogenarians), watching football (St George lost!) at another, and ended up back where we started at about 10pm. I managed to survive this good ol' Aussie pub crawl by following these rules from the book I am reading (and enjoying) at the moment: The Lost recipe for Happiness by Barbara O'Neal.

Isobel's Rules For Drinking
1) Eat a lot. Then eat some more.
2) Pick one kind of alcohol and stick with it the whole night. No exceptions.

3) Every hour, on the hour, drink a big glass of water.

4) Eat some more.

5) If you're gonna do shots, never do more than one per hour.

6) When you get home, drink a big glass of water and take an aspirin.

Worked for me!

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Elle said...

I wish I followed your points here. I felt horrid on Saturday! I think it was the 'more than 1 shot in an hour'! xxx