Friday, 14 November 2008

Sydney Summer Sunday

...and my nephew's 5th birthday. He goes to "big school" after Christmas. Just the age to absolutely love a picnic with presents, all for you!

I'm immersed in final reports, hours of extra work after school and on the weekend, but with just five weeks to go till the end of the school year, we can do it (so we keep telling ourselves). Here's mine:
"Cate has had a busy year, with many challenges. She found it hard to get back into the routine after her holiday in the US. This term, however, to her credit, she has bounced back, instigated a successful new discipline system and rediscovered the occasional rewarding moments in teaching. Cate has found that cappucino, good company and a beer after work on Friday will help her to achieve her best results."


Sorrow said...

I like that, a good beer and good company always go a long way to making my load a bit lighter!
And I am convinced you are a great teacher!

martie said...

LOVE that! And you are right - that 5th birthday is such a special one in young lives. Off to big school, and the beginning of joy and! I look at your photos and I'm so jealous of the warmth.

Next winter I may have to go to a warmer, sunnier place!

Kate I said...

Oh that sunny picnic looks so lovely!

I think Cate has done a very fine job this past term and she will soon have more holidays to look forward to!