Saturday, 8 November 2008

Missing in Action

Yep. I've been missing AND there has been plenty of action. Eliza organised a fantastic Halloween themed birthday party for me at home on the 1st Nov., (pics to come) so all Saturday was spent preparing and all Sunday was spent clearing up! It was a lovely balmy night, great decorations by Eliza, lots of friends both young and old as me, people from different groups mixing and chatting, fires in the braziers, lounges out on the back deck, spit roast, wine, dance and song. No sooner had I cleaned up and had an early night on Sunday, it was 5.ooam and - up and at 'em for school camp. Canberra, three days, two nights. The four teachers were a great bunch, we work really well together, and the kids had a great time. Just the usual midnight feasts, sneaking into other's rooms, occasional overtiredness etc. (the kids, not the teachers!)Then back to school and the usual program on Thursday and Friday! Ugh!
By Friday at 3pm, it was definitely: Thank God It's Friday.


Kate I said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday sounds like it was lots of fun! It seems so strange to think of having a nice warm halloween party when we're all bundled up for the festivities.

martie said...

Happy belated birthday! It certainly sounds like it was an amazing amount of fun. And with th eactivities outside, I just bet it was magical after dark. You are a lucky woman!