Monday, 27 October 2008

Apropos a certain birthday I'm about to have, I've been thinking about all the great things about being the age I am......

* I know what I want to be when I grow up
* I have two beautiful children
* My two beautiful children have become my friends
* I've travelled a lot, and I'm going to travel some more
* I love my little hobbit house
* I'm fit and healthy
* I value my partner and friends
* I'm discovering the creativity within me
* I can give to others: volunteering, mentoring, guiding, donating

This is the "generativity" that Erikson talks about in his "stages" and of course, Maslow in his "Hierarchy of Needs"...check it out here.

Happy birthday, Scorpios!


martie said...

What a wonderful list! And I love that you know what you want to be. (At 55 I'm still sorting that one out!) And the photo is fantastic! It some cultures it is bad luck to wish someone a happy birthday before the date, so I'll save my congratulations until later!

Annie said...

Happy Bday! from HK.