Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Bondi Dreaming

This post is inspired to induce homesickness is Paull and anticipation in Chase. These two lovely guys are leaving a cold NYC Xmas and coming down under in mid December, and I imagine surfing at Bondi and sinking a few cold beers at Coogee Bay Hotel will be on their agenda. I went to "Sculpture by the Sea" on Sunday - on a beautiful long daylight-saving evening. After doing the cliff walk and marvelling at the sculpture on show, including a huge clear sphere floating out at sea, we took fish 'n' chips to the beach for dinner. Why no pictures? My camera battery waited till my first shot before telling me it was flat. The good news - I'll have to go again this weekend!


Sorrow said...

Now some how i know that just breaks your heart!
How exciting!

martie said...

How exciting for you to have family coming home - especially for Christmas! You must be counting the days.

The photo is wonderful. This coming weekend as you are out walking along those sandy beaches in the warmth think of me. It'll be in the 50s here (F).

Annie said...

I'm jealous! I want Paull for Xmas! Can he pass through HK on the4 way home??
We are getting Pip and Cal tho' and boys for NYE- they will have to suffice.
Don't let them eat ice cream at Coogee........