Thursday, 16 October 2008

Coffee and Cannoli Lifesaver

Week One - these two words strike terror into a teacher's heart. They mean we have just given up sleep-ins, lunches, brunches, movies, hammocks et al and we are right back into it. Unfortunately, the kids feel the same way, which can make for a collision course! So by Wednesday I was in desperate need of a treat. One of my colleagues had the brilliant idea of going out for coffee after school on Wednesday, so we sat back, relaxed, de-stressed and pigged out on cappucino and cannoli.

One of life's essentials - coffee, cannoli and company.


Sorrow said...

I'm not sure how teachers do it. I think I would have lost my mind. cannoli or no cannoli!

martie said...

What a clever friend you have! And Wednesday is the half-way-thru-the-week day! Wondreful!!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!