Sunday, 8 June 2008

Happy Birthday to the Queen......

I'm a staunch republican (that means the opposite to a monarchist in Australia) but thanks to the Queen, we have a holiday Monday in Australia every June. Hip Hip Hooray, Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth! I'm celebrating her birthday (which is actually in April, but we get the holiday in June) and also celebrating the end of the huge report workload. So far I have:
  • slept in (till eight !!)
  • had brunch twice
  • had lunch with my beautiful daughter
  • meandered through Glebe markets
  • seen two (2!) movies - so far: Maid of Honour and The Painted Veil;
  • cooked a romantic dinner for two
  • snuggled up in front of the heater with the papers

and there is a whole new day tomorrow for Yum Cha with old friends and maybe another movie.....maybe being a monarchy is not so bad.......


radical royalist said...

Happy Birthday to Her Majesty! I enjoy this public holiday thanks to our Monarch's birthday. I don't mind that her actual birthday is in April. The day has been celebrated since 1788 when Governor Phillip declared a holiday to mark the birthday of King George III. Until 1936 it was held on the actual birthday of the monarch but after the death of King George V, in true Aussie fashion, it was decided to keep the convenient mid-year break.
The Queen's Birthday holiday is a celebration of Australia's oldest institution — the Australian Crown — which is now recognised by the High Court as a legal entity separate from the British and Canadian Crowns and is older than our state and federal parliaments, the public service, our court system, police and armed forces.
Therefore, Queen's Birthday holiday gives us the opportunity to reflect our past and our future - as a Constitutional Monarchy.

Annie said...

Happy birthday Liz- you have got to hand it to her- one of the original working mums. And still going strong.....still married to the same guy, still CEO with the same family firm, mega property owner, very much in charge, loves dogs and the countryside.
Well done and many happy returns.
If we could just get her to hand Australia over to those who actually live there.....