Sunday, 1 June 2008

Teaching for the Soul...

The blog title came from a text message from a colleague. I'd just explained why I wasn't home doing reports - because I was running an art workshop for gifted kids - and that was his reply. I set up outside because it was a beautiful sunny autumn Saturday. The kids spread out across several tables and experimented with drawing faces from the shadows outwards to the features. We began with willow charcoal, then added detail with chalk and oil pastels and watercolour pencils. Several kids opted to stay on for a double workshop and made their own creations. They were a lovely bunch, aged from 4 to 11 - the concentration and level of conversation was intense. Listening to a 7 year old discussing Deltora Quest with a very articulate 11 year old reminded me of the main reason we run such workshops; it's not about the activity, it's about socialising with like-minded peers. The little guy in the picture didn't want to attend, then didn't want to leave!

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martie said...

You are wonderful and making such a difference! When we lived in New Zealand my middle daughter was in a gifted art class. While she grumbled about going -- she loved it. I believe that class was a building block to the creative woman she has become.

For all of your students, and the people they will become, thank you for doing this for them.