Wednesday, 11 June 2008

After a long time of denial, I now actually believe that I am travelling to New York then San Francisco in less than a month.......I do love travelling, but still get anxious because of all the preparation and rushing around before you go. I'm really looking forward to spending time with my son, Paull, who lives in NYC - then we are going together to the Blogher conference in San Fran . I'll fly home from there. Anticipation is half the enjoyment - so I need to get anticipating FAST!


sorrow11 said...

Oh boy oh boy!
make sure you get to Soho when in NYC, even if it's only for diner!

Kate I said...

We'll be on the same coast but unfortunately not close enough for a visit!
New York and San Fran...both great cities.

martie said...

I agree - anticipation is wonderful! To be honest, I enjoy being in new places but the getting there is becoming more and more tedious.

Have a wonderful time!!!!