Thursday, 15 May 2008

Friday again? Already?

This time of year sure gets busy for teachers. I have to make a real effort to balance work/life, and housework comes a poor third! Public Education Week is coming up, reports are looming, so we are doing a lot of reflecting on our teaching practice. I took a lot of informal, unposed pictures of my class over two days to use for a "A Love of Learning" poster (the theme of Ed.week). When I looked at them on the computer screen, I was struck by something I've never noticed in the hurly-burly of each school day - every child was engaged in their work, happy, on task. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees!


sorrow11 said...

probably because you were to busy being a great teacher i would guess!

Patti said...

They really do look engaged and interested in what they are doing. I suppose this means a quiet classroom? It must be wonderful to be a motivator for these kids and see results. The most important job in the world!

martie said...

Not only do they look like they are enjoying learning -- just look at the work on the walls! FANTASTIC!! You must be proud, and they are so blessed to have you in their lives.