Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sunday Brekky

Yes, it's an Aussie thing to shorten or lengthen words by adding a "y" or "ie". Weird! Enjoying the weekend but doing way too much school work, mainly because I had way too much social life during last week. Monday - yoga; Tuesday - High School Theatresports (great!); Wednesday - Greens Meeting; Thursday - Play at the Riverside Theatre about the Cronulla riots, "All the Blood and all the Water" (excellent), Friday - after work drinks and pizza. So now I have to work, serves me right. Can't get into my "studio" and mess about with paints until I've finished. By the way, THANKS for the comments about the blog-homework; other teachers at school have no idea what I am excited about!
Picture shows my new favourite breakfast, Ricotta, honey and cinnamon on toasted Turkish, Yum!


sorrow11 said...

We have bee hives, and there is nothing yummier than fresh sweet honey on toast!
been a slave at the sewing machine, and i am looking forward to getting back in the studio too!
( i think you will beat me however, as i have days to go..)
Do you think when the kids are done you might post a link to their blogs so we might see their efforts?


I'd love to show them off, just need to check the privacy/security issues...