Monday, 19 May 2008

Diary of a Reluctant Dog-walker

6.10am: Why doesn't someone stop that dog barking?
6.11am: Oh, it's my dog.
6.12am: Yell at dog (who is outside) from under bed covers.
6.15am: Yell at dog again through bathroom window.

6.30am: give up, get up, give dogs a biscuit, make cup of tea.
6.35am: check e-mail, blogs and Twitter
7.00am: look out of study window. Sun is up - looks rather nice out there....
7.10am: Get dressed, tell dogs they were right, it is too good a morning to stay in bed.
7.20am: Down at the river - decide this is the best part of the day, wonder how anyone can possibly sleep in on Sundays!


Patti said...

The river is so beautiful and peaceful. Maybe you should take your painting gear down there next Sunday.

Annie said...

Looks idyllic. Hope it is this nice on July Sunday mornings....