Thursday, 3 January 2008

One Word Resolution

Several bloggers are taking up the challenge to use just one word as a "New Year's Resolution". It is quite a challenge to come up with one word to encompass all that you would like to achieve in 2008. I immediately thought of a conversation that I'd had with a member of my art group at our final class. She is the Director of a pre-school and someone asked light-heartedly "do you have to wipe their bums?" She answered: "If you value the child as an individual who deserves respect, it becomes teaching them about independence and self-care." I went home thinking about values and how with older students, discipline is about valuing them enough to teach them to respect themselves and others. Interpersonal relationships run more smoothly if you value the other person's opinion, or at least their right to have one! If you value yourself you will eat well and keep fit. If we value the planet, we will do our best to reduce our carbon footprint.
So that's my word for 2008:


martie said...

Wonderful word Cate! Enjoy your summer break.

With only a few days into the 2008 I find myself thinking about my 2008 Word, especially when I'm not being mindful! I think the focus will help me become a much better person.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of these one word resolutions.
I think Value is fabulous!
Happy new year!

sorrow11 said...

What a fantastic word...
Look forward to seeing where it carries you!