Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year!

We're among the first to celebrate here in Australia - so Happy New Year to everyone, from Sydney. I'm not heading to the Harbour this year - it becomes a major exercise to get a good vantage point, then get home again - but I was very lucky a few years ago to be invited to watch the fireworks from a private jetty almost under the bridge. It was a fantastic experience. Tonight we'll celebrate at home with lamb steaks on the barbie and a good Aussie semillon - good food, good company, good wine, may there be more of that in 2008!
Reflecting on 2007, these are my best:
  • book - Salvation Creek by Susan Duncan
  • movie - The Lives of Others
  • dinner - the Saturday night barbecue before Paull left, which had most of my special people all at the one table
  • decision - to take art lessons, and get back into yoga classes.
  • saying - achieve more by working less (Wu Wei)
  • achievement - helping to get a Gifted & Talented class approved for 2008
  • lesson from the universe - it really is all about family, friends and community
  • idea - to start blogging!


martie said...

Beautiful photo. Happy 2008 to you! From the time on your post at least you made it to the New Year. It's about 10:30 here in Okinawa and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to reading your blog in 2008 - you are an inspiration!

Kate I said...

This is an amazing photo!!

Happy New Year Cate...I really like your list of 'bests''s a great way of focusing on all the positives for the past year.