Sunday, 6 January 2008

Summer in the City

Enjoying summer in Sydney - we have been spared the flooding rains happening up North and the searing 40 degree celsius heat they are getting down South. Even when the days get over 30 it cools down after 6pm; the rain has been like the tropics, quick showers, usually at night, just enough to water the garden. I hope it stays like this! I am (enjoying) valuing every day of my long, summer hols. We have been swimming a lot - in surf at Cronulla and Coogee, in the harbour at Balmoral (see pic.above) and in the river at Como. We've lunched in pubs, cafes and had picnics. We've watched Australia vs India in the cricket test from the comfort of my air-conditioned loungeroom, and had some memorable meals in the cool of the night. The best part - 23 more days to go!!!


martie said...

It sounds like you are taking full advantage of your summer days! Enjoy them a little extra for me! The photos are great - thanks for sharing them.

sorrow11 said...

It was only a passing twinge of envy, but just the same, thanks for the deep sigh and smile!

Serendipity said...

I envy your snow, really!!