Friday, 15 June 2007

Say Yes

YES! (punching the air) It's the weekend!! I must be getting "endoftermitis" if I am so pleased to see the weekend when it is already week 8 (holidays again at end of week 10) WOO HOO! HOORAY! Yesterday my class presented their "assembly item", which has taken a lot of our time for the last few weeks. It was a melodrama, complete with hero, villian, heroine and chase scene. Everyone had a job, because we had the signs prompting audience participation (BOO, HISS, etc). Fancy lighting and music from Fantasia added to the excitement, which was considerable. I am once again reminded of the many skills a primary teacher requires:

artist in residence, producer/director, script consultant, maths expert, reading guru, writing consultant, scientist, social scientist, counsellor, behaviour management genius, football/netball/soccer/softball/volleyball/hockey coach, fundraiser, administrator, learning difficulties expert, gifted & talented expert, Aspergers and Autism expert, indigenous education expert, parent liaison diplomat, health and nutrition educator, excursion organiser, classroom cleaner, computer and technology boffin..........................AAACK, no wonder I'm tired. I love it, though!!


Anonymous said...

I lOVE that pic! Hilarious!
The assembly sounds so fun and creative. Yay for you! are most definitely all those things! My daughter is 11 and I bow to primary school teachers.

Paull Young said...

Great post mum!

'Parent Liaison Diplomat' - I love it.

Looking forward to stories of picnics and coffee from the hols.

Paper Fan Club said...

I agree with bohemian mom -- my son has Aspergers/PDD and it has shown us that educators are actually angels on earth. Thank you.

Cate said...

I'm glad they were able to help - most care a lot about all their students.