Monday, 11 June 2007

Make Mistakes, please!

I made a fatal error this morning - I ate my subjects before I sketched them! Hence they look like they are wearing toupees. Real strawberries have their green "hat" much closer to their "head". Anyway, I enjoyed the exercise, with Sarah McLaughlin singing in the background, sunshine at last, and a barbeque lunch on the agenda. Back to work tomorrow - feeling refreshed.


Annie said...

They look much better than most strawbs we can get in HK.
Although I accidently bought some organic ones (not wearing glasses) and they were divine, not a green furry one in sight.

Paper Fan Club said...

Read your blog on my coffee break today... very nice... I really enjoyed it! Keep up the great work.

Patti said...

You have a really beautiful style developing. I would be happy to have any of your efforts on my wall. Those strawbs looked good enough to eat!

Anonymous said...

(...dies laughing)
Great sketch!