Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Wake up to the Gifts

Yep, it's raining....and we sure needed it. Sadly, people have died due to this record wet ( wettest June on record after the hottest May on record). The dams are filling, the gardens are greening up. Sporting events have been cancelled for three weeks in a row, and more rain is to come.So I shouldn't be upset about jumping into my car this morning and suddenly finding myself ankle deep in WATER - yes, water in my car, covering my feet near the accelerator and brake pedals. Of course, I was upset, jumping out (into the rain) and jumping around and swearing like Daffy Duck. (Of course, I was running late for a before-school meeting already). My sensible daughter suggested I take her car, so I arrived at school on time but with very wet feet. Tonight I bailed it out (in the dark and rain) and mopped up with beach towels. I hope it starts tomorrow! I'm not quite sure how a bucket-load of water actually entered the car - the seat was dry......I feel like I am in a monsoon in Singapore.
But the dams are filling!!


Patti said...

Aargh wet car and webbed feet! I'm done praying for rain, I'm now praying for blue skies and sunshine.

Kate I said...

I can really identify with too much rain, and it sounds like you're over the top now. I was listening to an ABC radio documentary yesterday about the drought you're having in Australia and the controversy over damming the Mary River and protecting the lung fish. Interesting times all over our planet!