Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sensory Overload

Another day, another few hundred priceless works of art - I've been hitting the art museums, my favourite thing to do in NYC. It is hard work, strangely enough, up early, a quick bowl of oatmeal and bowl of cappucino at our nearest cafe, then walk to the subway, walk to the museum, line up to pay, line up to check coat, spend several hours walking around gazing in awe. Line up to retrieve coat, walk back to subway, walk home to rest before walking out to dinner.

Dinner! My second favourite thing in NYC is the quality and variety of small restaurants around the East Village. Paull has chosen a different experience each time, from Creole, to Argentinian, to Mexican and Italian. And even after tipping, so much cheaper than the similar quality in Sydney. The spaces are dim, atmospheric and moody, with pressed metal ceilings, exposed brick walls and a feeling of history.

Speaking of dinner, it is New Year's Eve tonight and we are going to Esperanto, for Brazilian and Latin food and music and mojitos, my new favourite tipple. Tomorrow? Amtrak to Georgetown for a couple of days speed-sightseeing in DC. Hopefully, no hangover.......but I am sure mojitos have cured my 'airplane' cough....

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martie said...

What a fantastic time you are having! You make the most of your trips - good for you! Hope your Brazilian experience was great - I love the food!