Sunday, 12 June 2011

Farewell, old friend

We lost our old friend, Beavis, on the right in this picture. She was full of life right up to the last day, when a sudden stroke took her away. She was always smiling; always happy; always hungry; always ready for a walk. She was so gentle we could take food right out of her mouth if necessary. She was the mirror image of her black sister, Butthead (left).  She loved cats, especially our cat, people, especially family, other dogs, especially Butthead, and having a little jog in the early mornings. She always met me at the back door with a wagging tail and a present - her blanket, a toy, my lost sock. She loved to go for a swim in the river and was always first in. 13 years just wasn't long enough, and morning walks just aren't the same. 


patti said...

This is so sad Cate! You're right, twelve years is not long enough for animals like this :(

Annie said...

Farewell Beavis, who left her sunshiney smile behind for us to remember. XX

martie said...

Oh Cate! I am so sorry. I know your heart is sad. Take care.