Sunday, 29 May 2011

Report Time

It's that time again - you're either writing reports or feeling guilty about not writing reports. Despite that I had a real day off yesterday and went to see "Mrs Carey's Concert" - a documentary about a school concert that plays like the best narrative you could imagine. Here's my first semester report:

Cate has settled in well to her new school. She is beginning to remember that kindergarten is not Year 6 and is giving more explicit instructions. Cate is appreciating the fact that this new school is half way to Newtown and is going to yoga classes regularly. She is now able to remember the names of several staff members and is making new friends. Cate has not neglected her old friends and meets them regularly for $10 schnitzel night at the local RSL. She has realised that there are worse things in a working life than singing and dancing the "Hokey Pokey" before 11am on any given day. Good work Cate!


patti said...

I'd love to see Mrs Carey's concert - I've heard so much about it!

Well done Cate for doing so well at school!

Patricia Ryan Madson said...

Thanks for mentioning my book, Improv Wisdom on your blog. It makes me happy to think you found value in it. Warm appreciation

Annie said...

What a great job, your inner child is released every day before coffee break. Any tantrums yet?

martie said...

And what a good "report" you have received - love it. You must be having so much fun. I like your new desk. Chelsea and I went to an Ikea while she was here and I saw that desk, complete with the flowered glass. We both liked it and commented on it! Keep on enjoying life.