Saturday, 20 November 2010

Old house + paint = new house

   As if the double workload of Semester 2 reports combined with a 3000 word essay due at the same time wasn't enough, we're having the interior painted as well. Fortunately I was a worry-wart and knocked myself out to hand everything in a week early. Fortunately I am not silly enough or broke enough to do the painting myself.  All the dust and smell and upheaval will be worth it, however, because the place is looking lovely already. The walls are Antique White USA and the woodwork (doors, window frames, skirtings) is the same colour but in a deep gloss, so it looks different but complimentary. With new Roman blinds arriving next week, the little house will look fresh and to come.                                                                                      


patti said...

Sounds great Cate, I love a makeover! Looking forward to the pics!

martie said...

Nothing like fresh paint to perk up a place, and good for you not being the one to do the painting! Can't wait ti see the photos.

Annie said...

Fresh paint, new broom, spring is here.