Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Keeping the Balance

The weekend was busy with study and work and also, thankfully, busy with friends and loved ones. (I must stress that the marking and the glass of red wine were separate incidents.) I'm loving the on-line post grad study, it is really making me synthesise what I already know with the theory behind it. The 4000 word essay might slow me down, however......

Our weather has taken a turn for the worse, with the August winds lowering the temperature and a lot of rain. Rain and wind do not make 28 ten year-olds happy chappies, I can tell you. Fortunately Sunday was clear and sunny, so we took fish 'n chips down to the river and watched the boats go by. Then back home to criteria-mark 28 narratives before soup and a glass of wine.....yep, it's all about balance.

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martie said...

You are so right - balance is important! You have so much going on and it's good to know you have found a balance to life just now. I'm still seeking! LOL