Sunday, 8 August 2010

Beautiful Morning

I love the chance to go for a longer walk on Sunday mornings. The dogs love it too, of course. They went in for a swim today, didn't stay in for long, but definitely a sign that Spring is on its way.
 I've been thinking about the things I love about where I live, after a friend recently decided to down-size her big family home but also decided to stay in the area. We have restaurants, cafes and patisseries; you can be standing under the Harbour Bridge 40 minutes after leaving your front door thanks to a good train service; I can walk across the road and be at the river for walks and picnics; we don't (yet!) have good movies and bookshops, but they are a short drive away along the freeway.
They say Sydney is a city of tribes and villages - I'm pretty happy with my little hamlet - doesn't stop me pining for New York City, however!


Annie said...

Those peaceful walks along the river- I envy them here in the city with garbage trucks every morning, traffic helicopters, tradesmen revving up their drills and hammers (everyone here is renovationg at the moment). Somedays I get up early enough to avoid it all and catch the sunrise on the harbour. Magic.

martie said...

Beautiful place you call home! And what a delightful river. I am slowly learning to appreciate my little town, although it won't be home for much more than 2 additional years. I am learning to make the most of what is here. Sometimes it is a hard lesson.